How much land do you need?

You may be thinking “I want to grow my own food but I don’t have space in my yard to till up and grow a garden”. Well, it’s a common misconception that you need an acre of land to grow anything. All you really need is a few feet of anything under the sun, whether it be on your porch or in the yard, or even the side of the house. It’s called vertical gardening. So instead of having to dig up like a 10’ by 10’ plot of land to put a few rows on a foot apart you can instead use pots and come up with a creative way to stack them on each other to grow up and not side 5 Tier Stackable Strawberry, Herb, Flower, and Vegetable Planter - Vertical Garden Indoor / Outdoorto side. One popular way I have been seeing lately are the pots or pockets that you can buy from Amazon that hang on the side of the house. There are a few pros and cons to growing like this. Pro being you save space in your yard if you didn’t have a lot to spare and its less weeding you have to do, also, in my opinion, they are easier to take care of. Con, being its growing on the side of your house and you will have a hard time growing tall plants like corn or runners like watermelon out of them. Now say you didn’t want to put the plants on the side of your house, the other way is the garden towers they sell on Amazon, some can grow up to 50 plants and take up as little as 4 square feet of space. Now say you want to maximize the limited land you have, you could put some of these out and you will have more food then you know what to do with unless you’re good at preserving which is always a great skill to know.